Get that gorgeous pearl glow with these tips just for you and your Asian skin.

Whether it’s anti-aging, lightening or brightening, here are 6 Asian Skincare tips for your unique complexion:

1- OIL CONTROL & ACNE: The first step in Asian Skincare is taking control of oilyness and clogged pores can be achieved with simple balancing of the skins natural moisture levels and by keeping your face clean and cared for. Fight oil by keeping the dermis hydrated with an oil free moisturizer and also remember to drink polenty of water. For clogged and enlarged pores use a mask containing charcoal or products with exfoliating ingredients like BHA and AHA acids. Also we recommend coming in for a Hydrafacial once a month to take care of extractions, exfoliation and hydration.

2- WHITENING & RADIANCE: Skin lightening is a popular treatment at our clinic. We offer gentle skin resurfacing treatments and products that lighten the skin and boost radiance for that unmistakable porcelain, pearl like glow. At home be sure to incorporate a brightening skincare product into your routine like these from Obagi. Also take care to use sunscreen every day to prevent pigmentation and brown spots.

3- POLISHING & SMOOTHING: Exfoliation is key to keeping that glass like smoothness on your skin. Using products that micro-exfoliate and buff the skin will keep you looking fresh and dewy all day, every day.

4- SHEET MASKS: A cult favorite because they work! Sheet masks are a great item to keep in your skincare arsenal and can be used up to once or even twice a day. These are so popular because the provide intense hydration as well as a variety of other anti-aging and beautifying ingredients. Indulge in a sheet mask treatment at home at least once a week for optimal results.

5- NIGHT CREAM: Using a night cream every night is an effective way to really pamper your skin with nutrients and hydration. These creams also work synergistically with your skin’s natural cell renewal process while you sleep. Wake up with smooth, supple skin every day!

6- SERUMS: Serums are important because the contain concentrated forms of helpful ingredients that will accelerate your complexion goals. Using serums that contain high concentrations of Vitamin-C, Retinol and Peptides are the best way to see noticeable results.

Here are some products that we think you will love! These and more are all available for purchase at our clinic.

VALMONT | EXPERT OF LIGHT COLLECTION – Rises to the challenge of brightening while soothing the skin with a unique and innovative combination of ingredients. This product line, created in the purest tradition of prestigious cosmetics, illuminates the complexion, brightens the skin so your complexion beams with new-found youth.

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OBAGI | NUDERM – Is a complete daily at-home skincare system that is specially formulated to normal to help correct hyperpigmentation, such as dark spots and melasma, and transform the appearance of aging skin.

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VIVIER | SKIN LIGHTENING SERUM – A patented anti-aging and skin brightening serum formulated with Vitamin C and 2% Hydroquinone USP to gradually lighten dark spots. Ideal for all skin types.

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VALMONT | DECEMBER PROMO – Purchase a series of Valmont facials for $189 each when you buy 3. (reg. $250 each)

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