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Large pores:

Pores are microscopic openings in the surface of the skin, allowing passage to hair follicles, oil glands and sweat glands. Their function is regulation of body temperature through release of sweat and release of excess oils which moisturize the skin.Pores can become congested due to a buildup of dead skin cells, bacteria and dirt particles, leading to various skin issues such as blackheads and pimples.

Pore size is also influenced by genetics, aging, and natural levels of oil in the skin. All of these factors determine the size, sebum production leading to congestion, and collagen production which is crucial for skin tightness. However, UV damage from the sun is most commonly responsible for prevalence of enlarged pores and it is important to always apply sunscreen.

Rough skin texture:

We all covet a smooth, even skin surface. Unfortunately, our efforts are thwarted by wrinkles, pores, acne and sun damage. While we will all inevitably encounter most of these problems in our lifetime, we can also reduce the severity and onset of these imperfections with the use of lasers, resurfacing treatments, anti­wrinkle techniques and skin care products.

Some common textural concerns:

• Pore Size: Genetics, hygiene, diet, sun exposure and oily skin all contribute to pore size. When pores are enlarged it can make the skin appear rough or pitted, especially around the T­Zone.
• Wrinkles & Fine Lines: Small indentations and larger wrinkles or lines all contribute to the surface texture of our skin. When minimizing these imperfections by filling or resurfacing we can smooth out the contours of the face and other areas of the body that may be affected.
• Lack of Firmness: The skin loses elasticity in different areas, in different ways. Sometimes when skin is not as firm as it could be it causes wrinkles and folds to form. When the skin is tightened the surface will naturally smooth and even itself out.
• Scarring: Scars may be caused by many different factors including but not limited to acne. With a variety of treatment techniques available at our clinic we can treat a wide range of scar types, frequencies and severity.
• Acne: The presence of acne can be noticed in the form of pimples, cysts, white or blackheads, small rough blemishes and enlarged pores. In some cases scarring may also be prevalent. Our clinic expertly treats all conditions associated with this common issue.
• Dull or Rough Surface: Sun damage, age, genetics, lifestyle and a lack of cell renewal can all compromise the overall appearance of the skins texture. By aiding the renewal of the surface cells with the use of resurfacing or collagen production techniques, the uneven skin texture problem can be visibly improved.

Anti-Aging Treatments in Vancouver


It is possible to reduce the size and appearance of enlarged pores using modern laser technology and outstanding skin care products. The first step to minimizing pore size is to prevent clogging and sun damage with the use of cleansers and sun protection.

Our clinic offers several treatment options to improve the appearance of pores and uneven skin texture. Using our highly effective laser technologies such as Laser Genesis and IPL Limelight we can stimulate your own body’s collagen renewal process to correct the problem from within. We also provide our patients with many options in the way of skin resurfacing to aid in the reduction of pore size. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, microneedling and our “holy grail” Hydrafacial all offer significant improvements by creating a renewed skin surface.
Cosmetics can also conceal enlarged pores. It is crucial that the right products are used to avoid suffocating and irritating the skin. High-quality Glo minerals mineral makeup visibly corrects pore size and protects the skin from the sun while allowing it to breathe and heal. It is also necessary to prevent any future or increased damage by using a professional sunscreen product. Visit our clinic and explore the different prevention and protection products we carry.


Skin Solution Clinic has advanced laser therapy systems that correct uneven skin texture problems. Our Laser Genesis™ system stimulates your own collagen by heating up the dermis, generating youthful skin on the surface. This encourages your skin to naturally heal itself and reduce fine lines, pigmentation and pore size. For fine lines and folds that are the result of a lack of skin firmness, we can also use our Titan™ laser to form the skin and smooth its surface.

Our clinic offers medical spa resurfacing treatments as an alternative to laser therapy. Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion and Hydrafacials are highly effective in that they remove the superficial upper layer of the skin to reveal fresh healthy skin underneath. These treatments also improve collagen production to aid in our natural ability to improve skin texture.

We also carry physician-grade skin care products such as ZO Skin Health, Vivier Pharma, Environ and Vegan Organic O Cosmedics that are designed to address the problem and aid in skin recovery.


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The Solution for Pores & Texture


Microneedling Vancouver
Triggers healing response to generate new healthy skin cells.


Vancouver Hydrafacial
Gently cleanses, extracts pores and restores a natural glow.


Laser Genesis in Vancouver
Induces collagen production to heal and repair damaged skin.


Microdermabrasion Vancouver
Resurfaces skin to smooth fine lines, pigmentation and texture.


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