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Welcome to Skin Solution Clinic, a Vancouver Medispa located in the beautiful False Creek harbor. Our dedication is that of halting the aging process, using skin laser technologies, resurfacing techniques, Botox and Dermal Fillers and Medical Grade Skincare. We believe that beautiful, natural looking results are obtainable for any person with any skin concern at any age. We are a leading provider of the coveted Hydrafacial in Vancouver and one of the only clinics to offer Laser Vaginal Tightening in Vancouver as well.

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Dedication. Compassion. Experience. Results.

Our Clinic Director, Natasa Glogovac stands out from her competition in so many ways. Just ask her bounty of regular clientele that have been benefiting from her expert abilities and honest approach for years. Natasa’s motivation is genuine to her clients concerns. While other practitioners can sometimes be seaminlgy motivated by the income factor of their profession, Natasa has dedicated her life to helping her clients achieve their skin goals and improving their self esteem. Natasa’s honesty and dedication to her clients combined with her extensive experience in all aspects of aesthetic medicine, provide an exceptional advantage in providing real results. This along with her own personal experience with dealing with severe skin conditions gives her clients the compassionate care that develops a one of a kind connection.

This combination of professionalism and sincere motive has inspired us to develop our own Aesthetic Medical Doctrine:
“Dedication. Compassion. Experience. Results.”

    Natasa’s dedication and passion have always been a part of her past, present and will continue to be the driving force in her practice of aesthetic medicine. Her continued demand for excellence is upheld by her ongoing devotion to keeping ahead of new treatments and techniques to meet the expectations of her clients. By attending conferences and courses around the world, Natasa is able to remain on the pulse of new and exciting cosmetic procedures by adding them to her repertoire. While remaining a non-­licenced BC Physician, Natasa holds her licence in Belgrade, Serbia. She regularly returns to her home country to perform plastic surgery, giving her the “best of both worlds”.


    As a child Natasa survived severe third degree burns that left visible scars covering most of her upper body. With the caring treatment and expertise of her doctor she was able to improve the severity of these scars and rebuild her self esteem. The human compassion, professionalism and sincere empathy that her doctor showed her inspired her to do the same for others. During her treatments and recovery in the hospital she was allowed to aid the doctor in hospital work. She subsequently developed a deep passion for the healing capabilities of plastic surgery. She was able to interact with other patients with different aesthetic imperfections and was naturally drawn towards helping to improve their conditions. Her love for medicine only grew stronger so she decided to pursue the field of medicine as a career.


    Natasa Glogovac earned her M.D at the Medical University of Belgrade, Serbia followed by her Masters Degree in Anatomy & Microsurgery at the Medical University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She obtained her diploma specialising in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Belgrade, Serbia which has remained her primary dedication in her practice. Natasa later expanded her resume to explore the field of medical aesthetics and became a Licensed Laser Technician by completing the Cutera Clinical Education program in Vancouver,BC. Natasa is also trained and certified in many other medical aesthetic techniques.


    Like the ocean and the sky, Natasa believes that aesthetic plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine are two sciences that when fundamentally understood each offer their own benefits that can be applied to achieving dramatic results in improving our skins health and appearance. “The line between the ocean and the sky is clear, but they need each other to create the beauty of a sunset reflecting on the waves.” This is just like aesthetic medicine and aesthetic plastic surgery, we need both to achieve beautiful results. Natasa has dedicated her career to bridging that gap by utilizing her knowledge of plastic surgery and applying it to non­surgical procedures, creating an exemplary standard in her field of aesthetic medicine at False Creek Skin Solution Clinic.

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Beautiful sexy young woman evening make up dark eye eyelashes dyed brunette waves stacked hair nude shoulder Golden Tan looks into the camera makeup artist cosmetic beauty salon spa
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