Vancouver's Best Cellulite Reduction Treatment

Looking for a cellulite treatment Vancouver? At False Creek Skin Solution Clinic we have the solution! With the use of our BTL Cellutone™ technology we can reduce the appearance of cellulite on any area of the body. The device uses targeted vibrations to address the main factors of uneven skin texture. Oxygen supply and micro-circulation is improved, thus removing extra fat absorbing fluid from the area. The result is a smoother appearance with reduced cellulite. For even more impressive results: combine Cellutone™ with  BTL Fat Reduction & Body Contouring Treatments.

CELLUTONE™ benefits:


A – Most patients describe the sensation as a painless vibrating sensation.

A­ – On average we recommend 4 – 6 treatments within a few weeks.

A­ – Most patients experience a noticeable improvement after their first treatment. Results are improved with further sessions.

A­ – You do not need to alter your diet or exercise to see or maintain results from your Cellutone treatments.

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