Vein Therapy


Our doctors prefer to use the Cutera® Coolglide™ system to remove almost any type of veins.

This vein therapy approach allows us to specifically target each vein according to its unique anatomy with a precise pulse of light, making this the safest most effective method in vein removal.

Our vein therapy procedure works by coagulating each blood vessels and forcing it to be naturally absorbed by your body. Cutera® Coolglide laser is considered to be a welcomed alternative to painful sclerotherapy injections while remaining just effective.


A­ – The known causes of the formation of surface veins is prolonged sun exposure, aging, genetics, trauma, weight gain and some medical conditions. When veins form on the legs, it is usually from the force of gravity effecting the bodies ability to pump blood back to the heart. It is very difficult to determine the exact cause of veins in a specific patient although steps can be taken to avoid their formation such as exercise and reduced sun exposure.

A­ – Depending on the sensitivity of the area being treated and the size of the targeted veins, the sensation of the treatment will differ from person to person. Smaller veins on less sensitive areas like the legs are often painless, while larger veins or veins on the face can be a little more sensitive causing some discomfort. Each vein is only treated once so any pain experienced lasts for only a second.

A­ – In most cases the results take a few weeks to completely take effect although some veins disappear immediately during treatment. You may also experience some minor redness and bruising in the treated area but this usually subsides in a matter of hours.

A­ – Depending on the amount and type of veins being targeted by the treatment, patients normally require 1 to 3 treatments to achieve optimal results. While some results are permanent, others may need continued therapy to combat recurring imperfections.

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