• Sun Damaged Skin



Our greatest enemy in the war against anti aging is the sun. It’s harmful UV rays are responsible for skin concerns ranging from pigmentation and textural problems to loss of elasticity and wrinkles.

Sun Damage is most noticeable in the form of:
• Brown spots/Sun Spots­ caused by increase of melanin production.
• Large Pores ­are made more visible as skin’s elasticity decreases.
• Fine Lines & Wrinkles­ develop as the skins collagen reduction slows.
• Lack of Firmness/Sagging Skin­ is a direct result in loss of collagen accelerated by the sun.
• Loss of Volume­ results from the skins loss of collagen and elasticity.
• Rough or “leathery” Skin Texture ­can become prominent in skin that is overly exposed to the sun.
• Uneven Skin Tone ­can be caused by increased melanin which creates hyperpigmentation in the form of brown and red imperfections.

Brown Spots:

Brown spots are directly linked to the damaging UV light emitted from the sun. These spots range from freckles to redness or large patches of darkened skin. The formation of these skin anomalies is due to ultraviolet light increasing melanin production in the epidermis. Melanin is what gives our skin pigment and helps protect skin cells from harmful sunrays. Even though common brown spots or freckles are medically harmless, many people choose to remove them for aesthetic reasons.As we age, we become less able to guard ourselves naturally from these harmful factors, resulting in permanent freckling, pigmentation and, in most extreme circumstances, even skin cancer.

A physician must examine every unusual or suspicious blemish on the skin in order to exclude the possibility of skin cancer.Apart from sun damage, a person may develop brown blemishes called melasma. Also referred to as the “mask of pregnancy”, this hyperpigmentation usually presents itself more commonly in pregnant women and patients with darker skin tone. Melasma can be aggravated by the effects of the sun and can often become darker or cover larger facial areas if not treated.

Anti-Aging Treatments in Vancouver


It is crucial that sunscreen is always worn to prevent and improve sun damage. In addition to this daily practice our clinic offers several highly effective treatments to aid in the reversal of some of the visible effects already incurred. Laser therapy is the most effective approach to improve pigmentation and texture imperfections. With these technologies we can improve pore size, lines, pigmentation, firmness and tone.

Sun Damage Treatments for Anti-Aging:

To improve upon the sun damage that causes volume loss and wrinkles, we can use Dermal Fillers and Botox® to reduce the appearance of fine lines, folds and restore volume. BTL Exilis offers substantial improvement in skin elasticity and creates a more lifted result. The Titan™ laser is also effective in firming the skin and creating a lifted effect while smoothing out the skin surface.

Treatments for Brown Spots: If the damage has already been done, a series of laser treatments will be most beneficial. We offer state of the art laser technology to improve the appearance of brown spots by way of the IPL Limelight Photo Rejuvenation treatment. Dermal Peels and Microdermabrasion can also be very helpful with evening out the skin tone by removing surface layers.

Our go­ to technique is the 3D Skin Rejuvenation system. It is highly aggressive in that it uses 3 different laser treatments to combat all signs of aging from all angles. The treatment combines the targeted capabilities of Titan™, Laser Genesis™ and Limelite™ to improve firmness, texture and pigmentation issues.

We also carry physician-grade skin care products such as ZO Skin Health, Vivier Pharma, Environ and Vegan Organic O Cosmedics that are designed to address the problem and aid in skin recovery.



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The Solution for Sun Damaged Skin


IPL Photofacial Limelight
Targets pigmentation like brown spots, rosacea and spider veins.


3D Skin Rejuvenation Vancouver
Dynamic approach to combat the most signs of aging all at once.


jessner peel
Removes skin surface layers to reduce brown spots & texture.


Microdermabrasion Vancouver
Resurfaces skin to smooth fine lines and improve skin tone.


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