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Rosacea Treatment for redness is available for this chronic skin condition affecting millions of people, rosacea (rosfor ‘red’) typically occurs in fair skinned people between the ages of 30 and 50. While the exact cause is unknown, there are several triggers that can make the condition more severe, such as sun exposure, emotional stress, hot weather, wind and many others. It can also be hereditary.

The symptoms of Rosacea can vary from person to person, but it often looks like flushing or blushing in the face, thickened skin, small blood vessels, watery eyes and red bumps that range from minor to severe with pus forming beneath the surface. This condition is caused by dilated capillaries, resulting in an appearance of general redness. Nose, forehead and cheeks are usually the most affected areas. Rosacea is not medically harmful and cannot be “cured”, but is a visual burden for some people and is often difficult to control, making the sufferers feel self-conscious about their skin, lowering their general confidence and affecting their self-esteem to the point of avoiding social and public interactions. In such cases, opting for a laser treatment can help manage and reduce the condition by gently treating it with light energy. Although makeup can be a quick temporary fix, the excessive application can actually increase the severity.

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The most successful course of treatment varies with each individual depending on the severity of the symptoms. At Skin Solution Clinic, Vancouver, we offer several options. We can safely target the redness using our non-ablative IPL Limelight laser on small vessels and flushed areas. We can also use a similar technique for the removal of specific veins that are often found around the nose and on the cheeks. Laser Genesis has also proven itself as an effective tool in reducing diffuse redness and evening out skin tone and texture.

We also carry physician-grade skin care products such as ZO Skin Health, Vivier Pharma, Environ and Vegan Organic O Cosmedics that are designed to address the problem and aid in skin recovery.


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The Solution for Rosacea


IPL Photofacial Limelight
Targets skin pigmentation like brown spots and redness.


Vancouver Hydrafacial
Gently cleanses, extracts pores and restores a natural glow.


Laser Genesis in Vancouver
Induces collagen production to heal and repair damaged skin.


Mesotherapy Vancouver
Injects vitamins and hyaluronic acid to hydrate & boost skin health.


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