Nail Fungus Treatment


Nail fungus treatment (or onychomycosis) for fungus on the finger or toenails is a chronic fungal infection that affects approximately one in ten Canadians. Symptoms often include yellow discoloration, thickening of the nail, debris under the nail, crumbling or brittle nails and loss of attachment to the nail bed. Since nail fungus can be an unsightly burden, many people suffering from nail fungus hide their bare feet and give up wearing sandals. While this a common problem, statistically only about 20% seek treatment from a doctor even though there are several options for treatment.

Skin Solution Clinic uses Laser Genesis™ to effectively and safely treat nail fungus that can sometimes occur in the toenails and fingernails. As an alternative to oral medications and chemicals this nail fungus treatment produces incredible results with no pain or side effects. While other treatments tend to only have a success rate of about 50% our laser treatments offers results exceeding 85%. Visit Skin Solution Clinic today and enjoy the benefits of this treatment. You will be able to enjoy being in your bare feet again!


A­ – Most cases of this fungal condition require on average 3­6 treatments to completely remove the problem. You will notice results within a few weeks after your first treatment but will need to return for at least one follow up visit to keep the treatment working.

A­ – You will experience an intense warming sensation during treatment with little to no discomfort. Also, given that the area being treated is small, this procedure will only last a matter of minutes.

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