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Hand Rejuvenation: One of the most obvious signals of our age is the state of our hands. While often overlooked because we focus so much on the changes in our face and neck, our hands are just as integral to our overall appearance. Sun damage, age, genetics, loss of volume and vascular anomalies can all contribute to the aging of hands. It is important to make sure that the youthfulness of the hands balances the youthfulness of the face.

In order to prevent the aging of the hands, what matters the most is to always remember and apply sunscreen to them and every other body part exposed to sunlight, and nourish the hands with a good moisturizer. There is a well-known saying that age cannot be hidden because it is revealed by hands and neck. Because of this, hands, neck and décolleté require as much care as the face if one wants to appear fully refreshed and rejuvenated.

Anti-Aging Treatments in Vancouver



Visible sun damage in the form of brown spots and redness is incurred by repeated exposure to UV radiation emitted by the sun. At False Creek Skin Solution Clinic, Vancouver we can target and diffuse pigmentation with our IPL Limelight laser, improving the skin tone and surface imperfections connected to either aging or photodamage. Lighter brown spots respond especially well to treatment.

Volume Loss­:

As we age, our collagen production decreases, resulting in a loss of volume. While the effects are very obvious in the face, our hands can lose just as much if not more volume, resulting in shallow frail looking skin, exposing tendons and veins. At Skin Solution Clinic, our skilled doctors can use dermal fillers to rejuvenate the hands by returning volume to the sunken areas, creating a plumper and more youthful surface. Laser therapy with Titan Skin Tightening can also be a good strategy in anti-aging efforts, since it utilizes infrared light to heat the dermis deep below the skin’s surface, causing immediate collagen contraction and resulting in tighter skin. Microneedling can be used to induce collagen production and restore volume to the hands.

Issues with aging hands can also be alleviated with skin care products such as such as ZO Skin Health, Vivier Pharma, Environ and Vegan Organic O Cosmedics that are designed to address the problem and aid in skin recovery.



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The Solution for Aging Hands


Microneedling Vancouver
Triggers healing response to generate new healthy skin cells.


IPL Photofacial Limelight
Targets skin pigmentation like brown spots and redness.


Titan Skin Firming Laser Vancouver
Visibly lifts and tightens skin with laser technology, often in 1 treatment.


Dermal Fillers Vancouver
Restores volume to fill in wrinkles and dynamic skin folds.


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