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One of the most common concerns expressed by people as they mature is that they notice a gradual physical change in the skin around the lower jaw and neckline. Undesirable aging neck problems can appear in the form of loose skin and pigmentation as well as wrinkles. While often overlooked thanks to our tendency to focus on treating the face, we must remember that the neck is just as likely to give away a person’s age and may even make you look older than you are.

Sun damage on the neck:

The neck is as exposed to the sun as our faces are, so it is inevitable that we will notice a change in our skin in that area as we age. Gravity, sun damage and genetics affect how well our skin responds to the aging process. Remember to always apply sunscreen to your neck, hands and décolleté in addition to your face and don’t forget to exfoliate the skin on your neck.

Anti-Aging Treatments in Vancouver

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Brown spots:

Visible sun damage manifesting as brown spots and redness is incurred by repeated exposure to UV radiation emitted by the sun. At False Creek Skin Solution Clinic, Vancouver, we can target and diffuse pigmentation with our IPL Limelight laser, improving the skin tone and surface imperfections connected to either aging or photodamage. Microneedling can also help with hyperpigmentation.

Sagging neck skin:

At False Creek Skin Solution Clinic, Vancouver, we can effectively tighten the skin in the neck area with our Titan™ or BTL Exilis™ Skin Tightening lasers. These laser treatments use light and/or radio frequency energy to make the skin beneath the surface firmer by bring about immediate collagen contraction, resulting in firmer skin and a more lifted look. Microneedling can also be used to induce collagen and tighten the skin.

Neck wrinkles:

Although the skin-tightening Titan™ or BTL™ Exilis lasers significantly improves wrinkles caused by loose skin by tightening the area, dermal fillers like Hyperdiluted Radiesse® can also be used in the area of the neck and chest that are presenting with fine lines and folds. Similarly, the Laser Genesis procedure yields excellent results when applied to the neck in order to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Microneedling can also improve skin texture and treat fine lines.

We also carry physician-grade skin care products such as ZO Skin Health, Vivier Pharma, Environ and Vegan Organic O Cosmedics that are designed to address the problem and aid in skin recovery.



The Solution for an Aging Neck


IPL Photofacial Limelight
Targets pigmentation, brown spots and redness.


Titan Skin Firming Laser Vancouver
Lifts and tightens skin on the face and neck.


Laser Genesis in Vancouver
Induces collagen to repair damaged skin.


Radiesse Vancouver
Reduces wrinkles and smooths the skins surface.


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