Canada’s #1 Laser Treatment

Laser Genesis, Vancouver’s multi-tasking, painless solution for anti-aging and skin well being.


It’s no secret that most men and women are looking to help slow the aging process and keep their skin looking young and healthy. So when a technology comes along that offers just that, people start talking and the word spreads. This is why Laser Genesis is one of Canada’s favorite medical aesthetic treatments. The treatment sessions are painless and most of our clients actually enjoy the session, as it can feel like a relaxing sit in the warm sun. Just because the treatment is painless and gentle does not mean it does not pack a punch where results are concerned. This powerful laser is a truly capable technology that attacks aging issues at their most common root cause: collagen production. With the use of heat penetration into the dermis, we can stimulate your collagen production which in turn encourages the skin to put the healing process into overdrive, improving texture, tone, elasticity issues and more.

If you think that laser is a radical treatment, botox can also help you with antiaging.



The old saying summarizes the Laser Genesis journey. With commitment and scheduled treatments every 4 – 6 weeks you can expect to see truly impressive results that will last. We recommend a series of 4 – 6 treatments for optimum results. The results will improve and compound over time with every treatment as your collagen production increases. For even more impressive results you can schedule recurring maintenance sessions every few months.


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