Uneven Skin Tone


You may notice that the surface of your skin is not a consistent colour and may be riddled with pigmentation like freckles, brown spots or redness. This unevenness in skin tone is caused by an overproduction in melanin which is most likely caused by sun exposure, genetics and age.

If there are no prevalent pigmentation issues, the problem may simply be general lack of uniform glow to the skin. Ideally, the epidermis should be an even bright tone and soft and smooth, free of abnormal texture pigmentation.In some cases skin tone may appear to have excess redness in a generalised area. This may be due to the presence of Rosacea, a common complexion condition that cases diffused redness on the face. This is not a medical condition and can be easily treated at our clinic.

The main contributors for uneven skin tone can be:
  • Sun Damage/Brown Spots­ – In almost all cases these blemishes are cause by exposure to the sun and appear mostly on the face, neck and hands as brown spots or freckles.
  • Melasma­ – A non­medical skin condition produced during pregnancy and more commonly by those of ethnic descent, this imperfection can range from a small to large brown birthmark shape affecting multiple areas of the body.
  • Vascular­ – Small vascular anomalies can appear close to the skin’s surface causing the skin to appear flushed. Broken capillaries, reticular and spider veins can be quite visible in a patient, in this case the use of laser technology can effectively treat most cases.
  • Rosacea­ – This is a common skin condition among men and women of varying ages. The patients face may appear flushed or slightly red in areas and cause the surface to look blemished and uneven. While this non­medical condition can not be cured, it can be managed and visually improved.
  • Acne­ – Zits, pimples, cysts, whiteheads, blackheads, blemishes etcetera, the condition known as acne has many names. Most people will have encountered a form of acne at some point of their lives and varying ages and show different pigmentation problems as a result. Redness, roughness and scarring can all contribute to general skin tone discrepancies.
  • Surface Dullness­ – Our upper dermis naturally renews itself by producing new skin cells and shedding the old. Sometimes our skin needs a little help with the process. With exfoliation and collagen boosting we can restore a natural glow to the skins surface.


For large areas of pigmentation we recommend using IPL LimelightTM or Laser GenesisTM. IPL specifically targets red and brown pigmentation with light technology, bringing the pigment to the surface where it eventually releases itself from the dermis. Laser GenesisTM improves skin pigmentation and also reduces other visible textural problems by stimulating collagen beneath the skins surface. For smaller pigmentation concerns like vascular anomalies or smaller less frequent spots we use the CoolGlideTM laser to treat the blemish more accurately. In addition to these procedures our patients will greatly benefit from the at home use of our professional skin care products. This will accelerate and maintain results from your laser treatments.


Correct visible Sun Damage & pigmentation like Brown Spots & Rosacea.
A nonablative laser therapy that regenerates the skin from within.
Maintain and amplify your results with ongoing care.
A trio of treatments that when combined, target several signs of aging.

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