September is such a special month for us because we think about an achievement we’ve made this year, and we are so delighted to realise that the past year has been really good for False Creek Skin Solution Clinic, and for that reason we decided to celebrate, to smile and to share some love with you, our amazing clients!


According to our clients we are very proud to announce that the most popular leading-edge skin treatment is Hydrafacial.

80% of our clients tried it and most of them are getting back for more. Why? We wrote about it before, but mostly because it cleans, nourishes the skin and it is also very affordable. On top of that, the majority enjoys the benefits of Hydrafacial&Laser Genesis combo. Usually, those clients are coping with rosacea, adult acne and enlarged pores, and also sagging skin and fine lines.


We always want to provide the best service and that’s why we identify the program that matches the skin condition. We love to create the most effective combination of skin treatments for our clients, not just because they get the better price, than because the combination of leading-edge skin treatments helps them to achieve better looking skin. Anti-aging skin treatments are always very popular. To younger women who want to get rid of less noticeable wrinkles we recommend Laser Titan which renews the collagen, but still the second favourite bundle is Botox or dermal filler treatment in combination with Laser Titan which helps to maintain the immediate results gotten form injections.

The bronze medal goes to IPL photofacial, another leading-edge skin treatment, very popular amongst our clients. We recommend it after the summer is gone to eliminate sun damage. It is a seasonal thing, so that’s why it takes the third place.



Now, we think about how we can bring you best possible offer which is going to be our thank you for all of your support, love, kind words and comments.

We are entering into a new business year and that’s the reason we decided to focus on all the good things we have done and celebrate every success to motivate ourselves and to become even better.

Thank you for being with us on this journey! Cheers to all of our successes!