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Are dieting and exercise not working on that last little bit of stubborn fat? Sometimes our bodies have areas that hold on to excess fat no matter how hard we work to slim down. Common areas of concern are the abdomen, inner thighs and love handles. Our clinic offers a painless, non-surgical fat reduction treatment using the ultrasound and radio frequency of BTL EXILIS ULTRA to liquify fat on almost any area of the body.

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Age, sun exposure, genetics and environmental factors all contribute to the loss of collagen production over time. We can significantly improve the appearance of damaged skin with the use of Laser Genesis, a powerful anti-aging laser that heats the dermis from within to stimulate collagen production. This encourages the skin to essentially heal itself and produce an anti-aging effect. This treatment is painless and requires no down time.

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Science is the at the heart of this innovative and highly effective treatment that resurfaces and rejenerates skins renewal properties. PRP (Platelett Rich Plasma) using the patients own blood plasma combined with microneedling or a meso-injector stimulates collagen, smooths wrinkles, improves texture and resurfaces the skin to reveal a brighter complexion.

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Endor Anti-Cellulite Cream: 

Anti-cellulite cream visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite and improves skin firmness. A clinical study under medical supervision demonstrates a reduction of the appearance of cellulite of 31%  after 28 days of treatment while visibly firming the skin up to 170%.

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