GENTLEMEN! What do women really want? A man that takes care of himself, skin included!

A man that takes pride in his skin is as equally impressive as it can sometimes be a rarity. So much pressure is put on women to look younger and achieve that healthy glow, but what about the guys? Sure us girls love that rugged look, but balance it with great skin and we are sure to swoon.

Here are some tips to up your skincare game:

1- STOP USING BAR SOAP TO WASH YOUR FACE!: Use a good cleanser instead. Bar soap is not intended for the face and is often to harsh, stripping away natural oils that your skin needs. The PH balance and specified ingredients in a facial cleanser will reduce irritation and give you a better clean that is gentle.

2- USE MOISTURIZER: No brainer right? Well you would be surprised at how many men neglect to apply a moisturizer on a daily basis. Apply to your face and neck after cleansing and shaving, or if your lovin’ your beard, it will love YOU for the hydration you are giving it. Softness and shine will improve. You’ll see 🙂

3- AFTERSHAVE: Use an aftershave that does not contain alcohol, as this dries out the skin. Be sure to choose a product that will not irritate your skin but instead provide soothing and hydrating benefits.

4- EXFOLIATE: Did you know that you are already doing just that every time you shave? Make sure the rest of your face doesnt get neglected from the skin renewing benefits that shaving provides. Use an exfoliating product 2 – 3 times per week.

5- SUNSCREEN: Use sunscreen or a moisturizer with SPF benefits every day, even in the winter. Men who don’t use sunscreen increase their risk of getting sun damage, which can result in redness, irritation, prominent blood vessels and skin cancer. Stay forever young by applying sunscreen every single day.

If you are unsure of what products to buy, we can help. Call or visit our clinic and speak with our skincare specialists about products that are right for you.

Until then, Stay handsome!!!

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