There’s always a time when we all have to deal with changes on our skin. That’s fine because some of them we accept with dignity, and some are just a problem that can be solve easily. Many of them are skin conditions that are just annoying – like skin tags. All of us who are facing this condition are wondering why is our skin prone to skin tags and how do we know what is a safe skin tag removal.


Skin tags are very common small and soft lesions that appear on the surface of the skin. Some people are more susceptible then the others. Most commonly, these benign skin lesions affect pregnant women (hormonal changes), people who have diabetes, those with obesity problem (the irritation comes from skin rubbing together), or HPV which is a wart virus.


  • Skin tags occur in women and man equally.
  • This hanging and movable pieces of tissue are caused by collagen and blood vessels surrounded by thinned or thickened epidermis.
  • They are flesh coloured or darker
  • The size may vary from 1 mm to 5 cm.
  • Skin tags typically occur in skin folds and armpits, on the eyelids and base of neck, or under the breasts


Removing skin tags is safe, but there are some risks associated with it if you are a DIY person or love home remedies. Removing skin tags at home might cause scarring or can lead to infection, if the tool isn’t sterile.

Skin tags or keratosis and other benign skin lesions can easily be removed by a qualified person. When it comes to safe skin tag removal, a rule number one is to make sure the skin growth is actually a skin tag. There are very, very rare cases that may be or become cancerous. If the bleeding or grow, or change of color appear, it might require a biopsy to exclude other causes.

False Creek Skin Solution Clinic offers safe skin tag removal using medical electric cautery. An electrosurgical device uses high frequency, high voltage which causes a current to flow throughout the tissue, heats it up, and finally destroys it. The electrodes stay cool during the session.  In general, the treatment is painless, but can be performed under local anesthetic.

The procedure is highly effective and safe, and the most convenient for this type of skin condition.  Skin tag is just another harmless cosmetic problem. Don’t let it affect the beauty of your skin.

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