Get More with our Referral Rewards program!

False Creek Skin Solution Clinic has implemented a referral program so that our clients may benefit from spreading the good word about our clinic. With this new program both our referring client as well as the new client are rewarded.

How can you benefit from our Referral Rewards?  Tell your friends!

  1. Every time you recommend our clinic to any of your friends or family and they book a treatment with us you will receive 20% OFF your next treatment (excluding injectables).
  2. Any client that sends us 5 referrals will also receive a FREE Hydrafacial® treatment!
  3. As an added benefit all clients that are referred to us will also be given 20% OFF their first treatment. So spread the word and earn the rewards!

Remember to make sure your referred person mentions your name at the time of their appointment so that you may both benefit from this offer.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our program.

Phone: 604.877.1299