Lately, many people are concerned about their health and there are a lot of discussions on beauty product ingredients that may be harmful. There is no question that most of us are daily exposed to long-term, low-dose of parabens, so paraben free cosmetics are becoming more and more popular. Many people are concerned about the side effects of consuming or applying chemicals on their skin, so they are switching to natural and organic skin care products.

What are parabens and are they harmful?

Parabens are a group of chemicals – preservatives, most commonly used in skin care and personal care products. These type of preservatives make products last longer, prevent growth of bacteria, mold, fungus and other microbes. When it comes to a question how harmful parabens really are, there are two main problems we would like to emphasize:

  1. Parabens cause irritation of the skin – adults and children with sensitive skin may develop a strong reaction to parabens, including allergic reactions, and even rosacea and dermatitis.
  2. Hormonal imbalance may appear – parabens mimic estrogen and may play a role in triggering breast cancer or other serious health issues such as endocrine disrupt, etc.

Switching to paraben free cosmetics

Seeking a change, many of us will reach for all-natural skin care products. As before, False Creek Skin Solution Clinic represents the opinion that cutting-edge technology and science may bring us an option to achieve healthier looking skin and at the same time avoid harmful ingredients.

Glo therapeutics professional skin care line is carefully created, uniquely formulated utilizing innovative technology and research. The greatest advantage of paraben free cosmetics is that it contains many natural ingredients and also has high concentration of active ingredients.

Glo therapeutics by Glo professional provides skincare regiment suitable for even most sensitive skin. This balancing and protecting, redness-relieving skincare regimen is packed with powerful anti-inflammatories, hydrators and antioxidants to revitalize, increase strength and enhance radiance.

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