Our Clinic Director is a respected surgeon in her home country of Serbia.

Did you know that our Clinic Director, Natasa Glogovac is also a plastic surgeon?

It’s no wonder she is so passionate about aesthetics, and it also explains why she is so driven by giving beautiful results to her clients. Natasa has been immersed in the field of Esthetic Medicine for almost her entire life. As a child she suffered severe burns and was inspired to help others after the care she experienced from her plastic surgeons. She began her career as a surgeon in her home country of Serbia and continues to operate there to this day. Rather than take a vacation, Natasa travels abroad to Europe to work with her colleges at elite clinics such as Olymp Clinic, Novi Sad, Serbia and S-tetik Clinic in Banja Luka, Bosnia several times a year.

While spending time in Europe performing surgeries like rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and liposuction, Natasa also takes the opportunity to learn about new non-surgical medical aesthetic techniques and procedures from her peers. Europe is often ahead of the rest of the world in the realm of surgery, anti-aging technology and aesthetics. Natasa explores new and cutting edge opportunities that are available so that she may implement them at her Clinic in Vancouver, Canada, giving her clients the very best treatments that the world has to offer.


Natasa Glogovac’s Credentials:

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