When it comes to anti-aging, are you one of those who want to do smaller procedures along the way and keep looking young or one of those that want to wait until they can really see a big difference so that they can get their money`s worth? Do you like the appearance of your lower face? Speaking about anti-aging a firm jawline is one of the things we neglect the most. Let’s rethink jawline tightening!


The beauty industry has switched its focus to a well-defined jawline. It sound silly those Hollywood celebs are getting rid of “peach fuzz” just to create a sharper looking jawline, but it is a mainstream. Still, you don’t want to be that rigid!

If the jawline bothers you, you have many options. Other than facelift, which doesn’t have to be the right solution, many women may consider a dermal filler to help them camouflage a small amount of sagging skin along the jawline. It is a less invasive technique, and it can be very effective, but keep in mind that you’ll be adding more volume to jaws which can make your lower face appear heavy. In that case you want to look for a doctor with expertise in providing natural results.


Most cosmetic doctors and dermatologists believe in technology and non-surgical approach when it comes to jawline tightening.

jawline tightening skin solution

Laser Titan is the procedure that tightens tissue without surgery and can safely improve the appearance of lower face. It is very effective, non-invasive procedure with no downtime. Laser Titan interacts with collagen to help it remain organize and supportive in the dermis of the skin. The skin is treated by a light energy and it provides a more distribution of energy for heating the deep dermis then other energy sources, such is radiofrequency.

The skin feels immediately smooth and the results are gradual over a three to six months as new collagen is formed and the skin tightens.