Sun protection is necessary every day, all year round. Exposing your skin to the sun means skin damage in form of aging skin, more wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation: freckles, brown spots or melasma. Melasma is usually so stubborn to get rid of and always pops up a question: How to reduce melasma pigmentation? The first thing we advice our clients is to recognize the triggers. Avoiding triggers helps to prevent new pigment formation.


Melasma is a chronic skin disorder which causes discoloration or hyperpigmentation on the face. Brown, gray-brown or tan patches usually appear on: central face (chin, above upper lip, bridge of the nose, forehead), cheeks and jawline. It’s not unusual for some people to get spots on their neck and forearms. Melasma is more common in people who have naturally brown skin (Fitzpatrick skin type 3 and 4) such as Hispanic, North African, African American, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean descent. 

What causes melasma is not yet clear, but we would like to emphasise the triggers:


Sun exposure is considered a number one cause of melasma. This refers mostly to those with genetic predisposition. The studies have shown that individuals prone to melasma have more visible patches during the summer. Also, increased level of progesterone during pregnancy, birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy may trigger melasma.


When asked how to reduce melasma pigmentation, we always answer there are no shortcuts. If melasma appears during pregnancy, it may spontaneously disappear over time. Otherwise, chances are very low that melasma will clear without a treatment. Guided by experience, FC Skin Solution Clinic offers a combination of skin care products and laser treatments in order to achieve effective results. ZO Multi-Therapy Hydroquinone System in combination with Tretinoin successfully cures all types of hyperpigmentation, above all melasma. Since in most people melasma is a chronic disorder and persists a long term, it might take several months of treatment to see an improvement in melasma. After achieving clear skin, we’ll always advise two things to remember to avoid reoccurance:

  1. Maintenance treatment
  2. Applying sunscreen regularly

We are open to discuss available treatments for melasma. Enjoy the summer without worrying about your skin.


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