Did you know that the number one trending skincare product of the year are sheet masks? We can thank Korean beauty masters for that.

The popularity of the Korean sheet mask has made its way to North America with virtually every skincare brand offering some sort of sheet mask as part of their line. These power packed anti-aging treatments offer skin transforming benefits at home when integrated into your weekly skincare routine. At Skin Solution Clinic we carry the best of the best as far as quality and efficacy from the world’s leading medical grade skincare brands like ZO Obagi and Valmont.

Here are two of our favorite sheet masks that you can pick up at our clinic during your next visit.



Key Ingredients: BHA & AHA Acids

Wow Factor: Brightens complexion by treating age spots & pigmentation, dull/uneven texture, pores.



Key Ingredients: 100% Organic Bovine Collagen, Caffeine, Arnica, Amino-Acids

Wow Factor: Intensive treatment reinforces the firmness and elasticity of the skin to reduce wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

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