Why taking the time to take care of yourself is so important.

You survived 2020, Congratulations! Honor yourself by practicing self care to undo the stress of the past year and start fresh with new positive habits. As medical professionals, we have a unique insight into many areas of human health. Sure our business focuses on the aesthetic component of skin health but we also have a deep compassion for our clients that stretches beyond the scope of our clinics treatments. We want to see all of our clients happy, and we are always here to help in any way we can. We have spent the holidays thinking of you and what we can suggest for making this new year a beautiful rebirth. We have put together some inspiration for taking care of yourself, holistically, from home.




ENJOY THE OUTDOORS: Trade in your habits of couch surfing and Netflix binging with exploring and enjoying the outdoors. Get outside and take in some fresh air and the beauty that only nature can offer. Whether it is just a short walk or a long hike, getting outside and loading up on positive ions, oxygen and Vitamin D will keep your spirits up, we promise.




TREAT YOURSELF: A lot of people use January as a New Years resolution to kick start their health and fitness goals. While we agree that health and fitness are important, extreme diets and deprivation may not be the best approach. Our brains need certain foods and nutrients to function properly and balance chemicals. Depriving yourself of certain fats and reducing too many calories can actually cause depression and anxiety. So if you are making a shift to healthier living, be sure to still treat yourself to what gives you joy. And don’t forget to have fun doing it!




STAY ACTIVE: Keeping a forward momentum going is key to maintaining good health and vitality. Start the new year off with a regimented exercise plan. Staying active either at home, at the gym or by getting outside more is more powerful for your mental and physical well being than you might think. Doing so will keep your mind and body disciplined and keep your serotonin and dopamine levels up, which curbs depression and promotes happy vibes. It’s science, baby!




TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN: Sometimes it’s the simple things that keep our spirits up, like keeping up with our skincare and beauty routines. It’s easy to fall out of your good habits in challenging times, but maintaining your beauty routine will keep your confidence strong. We are not ashamed to admit that sometimes we just feel better on the inside when we like what we see on the outside.




STAY CONNECTED: Given the restrictions put on social situations, it is easy to fall into the self isolation trap. Even though it may not be possible to gather in the ways we are accustomed it is still important to stay connected in whatever ways possible. Human beings are social animals and being isolated can have a negative impact on mental health. So even if it is over Facetime, Social Media, or a phone call make sure you don’t distance yourself from your family and friends. They are your greatest support system!




GET CREATIVE: Take your mind off day to day tasks and stresses by exploring your creative side. Using the other side of your brain can force you to detach from burdens and immerse yourself in something relaxing and fun. Doing something crafty or artistic is one of the best ways to fend off boredom and depression.





EAT SUPER FOODS: Feed your brain and body with essential nutrients that can only be found in super foods. By incorporating avocados, salmon, blueberries, leafy greens and nuts (plus many more) into your diet you are not only getting diverse and fulfilling sustenance but also benefiting from multi-vitamins, antioxidants and brain boosting Omega fatty acids. For a full list of super foods and their benefits we recommend this article: SUPERFOOD LIST >>




MEDITATE: Calm the mind and create balance by practicing meditation once per day. Meditating in the evening can help decompress your day and bring harmony to your emotions and reaction to stress. Creating a quiet relaxing space that you can enjoy in solitude will melt away any lingering struggles in your sub-conscience and conscious thoughts. Some people prefer to meditate with calming sounds or music or with the aid of calming scents to get them in the zone.




PAMPER YOURSELF: Take one day a week to just relax, pamper yourself and do nothing productive (lol). It’s ok to have a day that is all about you. The world can wait while you recharge and treat yourself to a me-day of self indulgence. Create a mini spa experience for yourself, run a soothing bath, have a glass of wine and some chocolate or enjoy a comfort food dinner delivered to your door while you kick back and binge watch your favorite drama. Get creative, you know what you like!




TRY SOMETHING NEW: There’s no better way to explore yourself and break old habits by trying something new! Have you always wanted to try Yoga or another hobby that intrigues you? January is the perfect time to write your plan and look forward to the year to come. New experiences give you the opportunity to build new relationships, with others or even just with yourself. Engaging in something new and exciting will keep you motivated and prevent you from falling into a sedentary lifestyle. This is especially pertinent to new hobbies that keep you active. Try a new activity that gets you outside or your heart rate up!







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