Vancouver Laser Hair Removal for Women.

Smooth, soft, low maintenance skin.

Venus, who? Ditch the razor for true goddess skin! With Laser Hair Removal via our Cutera ProWave technology, our technicians can give you that smooth, prickle free skin on any area of your body.

Vancouver Laser Hair Removal at Skin Solution Clinic. Your questions answered:

Q: What areas can be treated?

A: Our lasers can safely remove hair from any area of the body.  Areas include, but are not limited to: face, forehead/hairline, underarms, chest, back, forearms, bikini area and legs.

Q: What does Laser Hair Removal feel like?

A: Laser hair removal is a well tolerated procedure. Most patients describe the sensation of being zapped by the snap of an elastic band repeatedly. However, discomfort can vary depending on the patient and the sensitivity of the area being treated.

Q: How many Laser Hair Removal treatments will I need?

A: Your results will depend on multiple factors: hair thickness, the area being treated and your hair’s growth cycle will determine how many treatments you will need. On average, you can expect significant to permanent results within 3 to 6 sessions.

Q: Is Laser Hair Removal permanent?

A: You will see results after your first treatment, but it will take several treatments to permanently remove hair. With 4 to 6 sessions, spaced about 4 weeks apart, you can expect to see 70 to 80 percent reduction in hair growth. For best results, get maintenance treatments done once a year for at least a couple years for results that are truly permanent. 

Q: Are there side effects with Laser Hair Removal?

A: Apart from some minor redness and swelling that can last up to a few hours there are no side effects. In rare cases blistering or a sunburn effect may occur but this is highly unlikely.

Q: I have a darker skin tone, will the laser work on me?

A: Yes. The technology of our lasers is advanced and adapts to different hair types, color and skin darkness. Anyone is a candidate for hair removal.

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