Dermal Filler for Asian Women available at our clinic. At False Creek Skin Solution Clinic we have been helping our Asian clients achieve that coveted “European look” for almost a decade. We offer a variety of specialized treatments and non-medical procedures to enhance facial features and improve skin tone.

We can re-shape the nose: As an alternative to expensive and invasive plastic surgery, we offer a procedure that uses Dermal Fillers to improve the appearance of the nasal bridge. In under 10 minutes we can transform a small , wide, flat nose into a thin, straight, more striking “European” nose.

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We can re-shape the jawline: The shape of the face can be made to appear more narrow and streamlined using Botox™ injections to the chewing muscles in the jaw (also a great treatment for patients who grind their teeth).

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We can open up the eyes: With the strategic placement of Botox™ and Dermal Fillers around the eye area we can improve the open appearance of the eyes.

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We can lighten the skin: To polish off the “European look” we can improve luminosity, brightness and texture with gentle skin resurfacing treatments and skincare products. Contact us and speak with one of our doctors about the perfect treatments and products for you. Our light therapy can also help you to improve your skin.

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