How regular visits to a medispa can help.

Anti Aging Vancouver.

Living in the big, beautiful city of Vancouver has many benefits; gorgeous views, a bustling night life and hot summers. But navigating life in the big city can also present unique skin stressors. Long winters that dry out skin, pollution that clogs pores and outdoor activities that expose skin to UV damage. Living in western Canada can be hard on the ageing process, but we know just how to target the skin issues associated with our climate and lifestyle.

False Creek Skin Solution Clinic is a medspa that provides medical aesthetics, expert techniques and innovative technologies to address a huge spectrum of skin concerns. Anti-aging is what we do. Pure and simple.

The Art and Science of Anti-Aging.

Whether your concern is wrinkles, volume loss, pigmentation or any other issue, chances are our clinic has the perfect solution. Below are some common concerns matched with our most popular treatments targeted to that specific concern.


BTL EXILIS / LASER FACELIFT: uses radio frequency to lift and firm. About>

MICRONEEDLING: encourages skin regeneration to repair and smooth textures. About>


PHOTO FACIAL IPL/LIMELIGHT: a laser that ‘zaps’ away pigmentation, spots and veins. About>

MICRODERMABRASION: resurfaces the top layers of the skin where pigment resides. About>


DERMAL PEELS: chemical & non-chemical peels resurface and clear out pores. About>

MEDICAL GRADE SKINCARE: keeping skin clean and exfoliated is the key to reducing texture. About>


DERMAL FILLER: safe, natural injecteables that restore volume. About>

MESOTHERAPY/MICRO DERMAL INFUSION: injects multiple, small amounts of hyaluronic acid over an area. About>


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