Most of us love warmth and think tanned skin is very sensual, but we must be aware too much sun exposure can significantly damage our skin. This is how it works! To protect itself from the damaging effects, skin increases its production of melanin, the dark brown pigment, and that’s how your skin becomes darker and looks sun-tanned.

If you ever thought how anything could happen to me, here’s what you should think about:

  • The production of melanin can be uneven and it comes to irregular colouring or pigmentation of the skin.
  • The sun can also cause permanent stretching of small blood vessels, giving your skin reddish appearance.
  • Long term effects of the sun damage are fine lines and wrinkles; so, speeds up the aging process because changes in collagen of the deep layer of the skin (dermis)
  • Ultraviolet (UV) light damages the fibers in the skin, called elastin and skin begins to sag
  • UV rays raises risk of malignant melanoma or other form of skin cancer



You cannot turn back the clock; you can do something to save your skin. It’s never too late! Your everyday routine should include sunscreen and prior to that, antioxidants.

First line defence should be Vitamin C. It is a powerful antioxidant against free radicals that cause sun damaged skin. Vitamin C helps brighten your skin tone, speeds up cellular repair, and improves skin tone and appearance. Also, it stimulates collagen, preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

Another important thing to know: Make up is not protection. Apply your sunscreen regularly. Don’t get confused because your make up has some SPF in it. It is very important to apply sunscreen regularly. Make a morning routine out of it and use it all year long. UV light can be very harmful even if it’s cloudy. Make sure you apply it on neck and chest, too. Eventually, your skin will start to heal and to repair some existing damage.

sun damaged skin



Depending on your skin condition, you may choose between very mild exfoliation to strong chemical peels, but it is a great option to unload the pigmentation. By exfoliating the skin, you will remove dead damaged cells, so healthy cells can come to the surface.


If the problem gets bigger or you’re just not the type of person who would experiment at home, you can always ask for professional help.

Today False Creek Skin Solution Clinic has a lot of satisfied clients who believe the technology works for us. IPL photofacial is a solution you are looking for.

IPL is a laser which uses an intense burst of light energy and penetrates deep into the skin, causes collagen and blood vessels to constrict. Immediately after the treatment, you will see the dark spots begin to get darker, but it will disappear shortly. Most benefits of IPL photofacial occur weeks after the treatment. That’s because damage has occurred in the deeper layers which have now come to the surface.