Free-From, Natural Deodorant


“At Nala, we want you to care for yourself in a way that keeps you around for those closest to you for a long, long time to come.”

Made with Your Health In Mind

Nala Care Deodorant products are absent of toxic ingredients found in conventional cosmetics. With this product you can be certain you’re choosing a solution that will not damage your health.

All Nala free-from deodorant is free from:

• Aluminum – changes your estrogen receptors; linked to liver, kidney and brain issues
• Carcinogens substances that can lead to cancer
• Parabens – mimic estrogen in the body; cause cancer
• Phthalates – interfere with, mimic or block hormones
• Propylene glycol – considered a neurotoxin; known to cause liver and kidney damage
• Cruelty – None of our products will ever be tested on animals.

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