Platelet Rich Fibrin.
PRF is a new technology derived from PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).


PRF is Platelet Rich Fibrin, an anti-aging treatment used to treat dark circles, volume loss and wrinkles. PRF is substance that is obtained by isolating fibrin and powerful growth factors from the patients own blood. These components are harnessed and injected back into the patients desired treatment area to promote collagen synthesis. Fibrin creates a matrix that supports the function of the growth factors while improving the strength of the skin tissue. When these two work together our patients can expect an improved result of regenerative volume and texture.


Platelet rich fibrin triggers your bodies natural collagen production to regenerate skin cells. Collagen function improves skin tightness, reduces wrinkles and smooths texture.


The main issue injectors face when it comes to injecting around the eyes is the concern for safety and natural looking results. Traditional dermal filler can often produce lumps and given the concerns for safety, can not be injected high enough on the orbital bone to significantly improve hollowness. PRF is our new go to treatment for the eye area as it allows us to safely reach the hollow areas and provide a natural, smooth result while improving the tissue strength to reduce dark circles and wrinkles.


Our Medical Aestheticians use PRF as a solution to acheive natural looking face and neck rejuvenation. Our skilled injectors can provide a lifted appearance by restoring volume to the cheeks, jaw or temples using your bodies own collagen. One technique we love for added lift and contouring is the use of gel combined with PRF. The gel substance is initially very thick and is diluted to the desired consistency depending on the area being treated. This allows us to add volume to the cheeks and define the jawline.


Hair loss effects men but also many women. Aging and genetic disorders can lead to a receding hairline or thinning hair. PRF uses growth factors to trigger hair growth right at the follicle. The treatments encourage dormant hair to grow again and also prevent active follicles from stopping their growth cycle. After 2 – 6 treatments the scalp can become fuller and thicker with longer hair that is strong and wont fall out easily. For more hair and scalp treatments see KERAVIVE™ Scalp Treatments

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