Growing older is an inexhaustible topic. It affects nearly every part of our body and we always seek for the ultimate solution that will help us to age well. Apparently, the most favorable treatment in Vancouver skin tightening with Laser Titan became a huge success. The reason? Elastin and collagen growth or the production of new collagen is essential in prevention of skin tightening. Let’s go back from the start.

Genetics, diet, sun exposure, lifestyle and many other factors affects the loss of collagen and elastin in our skin, and therefore causes changes in the face; wrinkles, dry and sagging skin. Having that in mind we truly support our clients to stick with good habits if they have an intention to slow natural aging. But, despite all that, there is a moment in everyone’s life when we need to reach for other solutions.

The most beneficial non-surgical treatment in Vancouver 

Skin tightening with Titan laser

When in Vancouver skin tightening and collagen renewal will be the topic to talk about. The most wanted, most favorable and highly effective treatment for skin laxity is Laser Titan by Cutera.

How it works? By using infrared light, laser Titan heats the dermis below the skin surface which results with collagen growth. The surface of the skin is protected during the procedure, by cooling from the hand piece.

Laser Titan is suitable for any skin type and for those who:

  • Experienced a significant weight loss
  • Noticed that their face and neck skin is not as firm as it used to be; or
  • For new mothers who need to tighten loose skin

In order to make treatments more efficient, we would like to recommend three laser Titan and six laser Genesis procedures a year. The results are immediate. Right after the treatment the skin feels smooth and underlying collagen is refreshed, but most importantly, over next 3 to 6 months a new collagen will be formed, the skin will be firmer.

It is possible to achieve glowing, vibrant and youthful looking skin.

Age well. FC Skin Solution Clinic supports you.

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