False Creek Skin Solution team just entered another business year. At this time of the year, our dear readers, we are summing up the achievements and creating solutions to provide even more delightful experience for our clients and readers. And we celebrate! The growth we had experienced this business year is because of all of you who faithfully support our business. Thank you for staying loyal!

The most precise, three-word definition of our philosophy and approach to aesthetic medicine, according to our guests and friends who came to support us at our anniversary event, is aging with dignity.


When we talk about women’s beauty, we have in mind harmony. Anti-aging medicine teaches us that we should rejuvenate the skin all over and enforce it to regenerate naturally.

Methods of rejuvenation should be as natural as possible and also need to contribute to the improvement of skin conditions. The goal cannot be only aesthetic transformation. We aim to emphasize the uniqueness.

The combination of technology and aesthetic medicine brings cutting-edge equipment and treatments. The results are exceptional. It’s proven!

The science is what we believe in. It brings us all natural options to enhance youthful and healthy appearance by stimulating collagen and elastin production.


The new generation of non surgical laser treatments and injectable procedures not just reverse the sings of aging, but address and reduce them as they develop.

Top anti aging procedures, according to our clients are:

All of these treatments are part of regular maintenance routine. We are here to help our clients to expose their beauty and uniqueness.

Our team appreciates your trust and is honored to be chosen by you. Thank you!


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