Redness from Rosacea? – Causes and Treatments
Do you ever ask yourself, why am I always blushing? It could be Rosacea.


Rosacea is a very common skin condition that presents as mild to severe redness on the face, mostly in the cheek area. The pigment is generated from tiny vascular groupings near the surface of the skin and can also sometimes be accompanied by small red bumps and texture. The skin appears as if you are flushed and often shifts in severity depending on lifestyle and health conditions. Rosacea is not contagious and is not caused by poor hygiene.


The true cause of Rosacea is unknown. Research suggest that it could be due to an overactive immune system, heredity or environmental factors. Flare ups can be triggered by sunlight, heat, stress, alcohol, and spicy foods. Knowing the trigger can help you manage your symptoms.

The symptoms of Rosacea include:

  • Stinging and burning of your skin.
  • Red or pus-filled bumps that may resemble pimples.
  • Patches of rough, dry skin.
  • A swollen, bulb-shaped nose.
  • Larger pores.
  • Broken blood vessels on your eyelids.
  • Bumps on your eyelids.
  • Problems with your vision

You may have some or several of these symptoms, depending on the severity of your condition.

Rosacea Treatment


The not so great news is that unfortunately, Rosacea is not completely curable, however the good news is it can be diminished with skincare and laser treatments. With the use of pigment targeting lasers like Laser Genesis™ and IPL (Photofacial), the redness can be reduced and skin can be smoothed. The use of an at home Rosacea-specific skincare product can also further improve results.


Skin Solution Clinic uses Laser Genesis™ as an effective approach to begin a Rosacea improvement program. This gentle yet effective laser uses infrared heat energy to trigger a healing response deep within the skin. This encourages your body to produce collagen and assist in reversing redness and improve skin texture. The bonus? Laser Genesis also provides and overall skin rejuvenating and anti-aging effect by improving a multitude of skin concerns.



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