After years of struggling to move and begin a new life in BC, I start noticing some changes on my skin. First, the redness appeared on the surface of my face. Must be an allergy, I thought. After a while, my skin felt hot and tender and all of a sudden it flared up. I had never even considered the possibility that I might have Rosacea.

Today I would like to Share my Experience with Rosacea and the Rosacea Treatment that has worked wonders for me.

Rosacea Treatments Vancouver

More misery

As a woman who takes care of herself I haven’t hesitated to visit a physician. A dermatologist prescribed me several different medications and cleansers. Also, I was aware that I must avoid sun, certain kinds of food, and simply just live with it. Despite the fact I was following the instructions and changed skin care routine, the symptoms began to worsen. I went back to a doctor, got new meds, but the things got out of hand. I was feeling frustrated!

Rosacea Treatments Vancouver False Creek

How to cope with rosacea?

I decided to take appropriate action to bring my rosacea symptoms under control. I wanted as safe as possible treatment. Fortunately, I found Natasa at False Creek Skin Solution Clinic who does laser treatments and helped me find a line of skin-care products that didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. After I underwent a couple of laser treatments, I quickly saw positive results. She helped me overcome severe flare-ups of papules and pustules. The best of all, when you learn how to cope with rosacea, there is no lack of self-esteem and you can easily improve professional interactions and your social live.

Rosacea Treatments Before After Vancouver False Creek

Now, I call Natasa a miracle worker. Even with the stress I’ve had this year – financial concerns and emotional stress – my rosacea didn’t flare up. Now, I am aware a good and caring person can find you a suitable and efficacious treatment for rosacea. I highly recommend her without any hesitation. She knows what she is doing!


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