Coping with spider veins and vessels is very common. Nearly 40% of women are facing this problem by the age of 50. Thin red lines create web-like networks of blood vessels – spider veins. They are usually harmless, but since they mostly appear on legs and feet, women feel uncomfortable wearing clothes that expose their legs.


Spider veins are recognized as major aesthetic problem and can be caused by damaged valves in the veins. Those valves prevent blood from flowing backwards as it moves up your legs. If the valves become weak, get wider or pull apart, blood can leak back into the veins because of gravity and collect there, stretching out the veins. Unfortunately, the main reason this happens is genetics. Also, hormonal changes, exposure to the sun, prolong standing and injuries can increase the chances of getting spider veins.


Although, spider veins and vessels aren’t always preventable, there are things you can avoid in order to weaken the chances of facing spider vein problem:

  • try to move often – if your job requires standing for a long time, don’t forget to shift weight between legs often;
  • do not cross your legs – it slows blood flow and may damage vein valves;
  • use sunscreen in order to protect fragile skin and help prevent spider veins from appearing on your legs;
  • rest when possible – raise your feet to 6 to 12 inches above the level of your heart. It will improve circulation and help regulate the blood flow in your veins

laser spider vein removal


When it comes to laser spider vein removal, laser surgery is always the most convenient choice. False Creek Skin Solution Clinic recommends Cutera® Coolglide™ system which can remove almost any type of veins in just a few sessions. This non-invasive light therapy device can be customized to any type, size or color of the veins. By sending the strong burst of light into the vein, laser makes the vein to fade slowly and later disappear. The procedure is safe, efficient and doesn’t require anesthesia.

Laser spider vein removal is considered as the most beneficial choice because the procedure is not painful, and doesn’t require any incisions or injections. Also, the most sensitive areas, such as cheeks or nose, can be treated with no or minimal downtime.


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