Whether from sun exposure, air toxins from exhaust, cigarette smoke, stress, or simply the passage of time, laser skin resurfacing is a vital asset in age prevention treatment.

For those seeking laser skin resurfacing in Shaughnessy Heights, the False Creek Skin Solution Clinic is your ideal option. Located in Leg-In-Boot Square in serene False Creek, our office looks over a marina, into downtown Vancouver.

This advanced non-­invasive laser procedure actually regenerates your dermis from within to naturally reverse the signs of aging. By heating up the lower layers of the skin your body’s natural renewal and healing process is triggered resulting in the reduction of fine lines, pores and skin discolouration. Sagging skin is tightened and overall skin texture is improved.

At the False Creek Skin Solution Clinic, we offer high quality treatments, completed by Licensed Laser Technician Natasa Glogovac, who trained as an M.D at the Medical University of Belgrade, Serbia followed by her Masters Degree in Anatomy & Microsurgery at the Medical University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She obtained her diploma specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Belgrade, Serbia which has remained her primary dedication in her practice. Natasa later expanded her resume to explore the field of medical aesthetics and became a Licensed Laser Technician by completed the Cutera Clinical Education program in Vancouver, BC.

For clients in Shaughnessy Heights, our clinic is a direct drive down Cambie Street, where you will find yourself in the gentle and capable hands of Natasa Glogovac.