Our new year’s resolution is all about balance. Taking care and nurturing ourselves. Feeling calm, grounded and motivated. Saying healthy. Our beauty comes from inside out. We strongly believe our face is only the reflection of our feelings and emotion; our youthfulness. In today’s world it is very common that the food is not well digested nether the nutrients are absorbed the way they supposed to be. Therefore, at the end of this wonderful year, Skin Solution team decided to offer intravenous vitamin therapy.  It is an effective way to replenish vitamins, minerals and other nutrients directly into the blood stream.  The results are superb!


Unlike adsorbing nutrients throughout the food when our body soaks only 15% of active nutrient, intravenous vitamin therapy gives high doses of specific nutrients. It may replace nutritional deficiencies, boost immune system, increase energy levels, balance hormones… Also, IV addresses many health concerns such as: digestive disorders, anxiety, sleep issues, fatigue, skin conditions, premature aging, etc.

In addition, aging and certain diseases could cause bad absorption. IV vitamin therapy has been proven safe and very effective in treating various conditions, including those me mentioned. Each patient will be offered a comprehensive lab testing in order to measure the levels of micro nutrients.  Therefore, each patient will receive a blend of nutrients, tailored specifically for his health concerns and needs.


  • hydration and detoxification
  • increased blood flow
  • decreased stress
  • enhanced mood
  • increased energy levels
  • improved immunity
  • improved skin health
  • anti aging


The majority of people tolerates the IV very well. There are no side effects or they are minimal, such as upset stomach. During the consultation before the IV therapy, we will make sure there are no any contraindications.

We would like to emphasize the iv vitamin therapy is not a substitute for good nutrition and healthy lifestyle.


IV vitamin therapy can be done once in 2 weeks up to once in 6 weeks. Here’s the frequency of therapy according to general guidelines:

  • Weight loss – weekly until the results are achieved
  • Acute cold/flu and immune straightening – twice a week
  • Health maintenance – monthly
  • Skin concerns and premature aging – once every 6 weeks


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