Since Alicia Keys became the face of #nomakeup movement last year, more and more women are encouraged to go barefaced. She is rocking au natural look on red carpet and  magazine covers. At the same time there are many women who are wondering how to look pretty without makeup. Maintaining the complexion is not easy for some women. Also, certain age brings specific skin concerns.

Being confident in your own skin is what we all strive for. Whether you are a no-makeup kinda girl or not , you always want to look like the best version of yourself. Investing in your skincare routine is the only way to reverse and prevent aging.

How to look pretty without makeup breakdown

When it comes to skin care routine, most of women stick with a cleanser and a moisturizer. But skin is a complex organ, so tough and delicate at the same time. However, skin repair mechanism begin to slow down at the age of 20. For that reason Skin Solution Team always advise to follow these three steps, regardless of the age:

  • exfoliation – to increase epidermal turnover, stimulate circulation and create smoother and more even-tone complexion
  • hydration – internally and externally and use daily hydrating cream and a night  cream
  • protection always wear broad-spectrum sunscreen

These 3 steps are basics of good skincare. Try to religiously stick to it! Now, as we mention before, certain age brings specific skin concerns and ways to switch up the routine. You can’t go wrong with these basics steps and trustworthy picks for each decade.

  • Your 20s – Fighting acne is usually the priority in early 20s. Now is the right time to build the proper discipline and habits that can help you age gracefully. Remember, treating acne is a process and might take a while.
  • In your 30s fine lines and wrinkles appear, sometimes uneven complexion. It’s just the right time to start with retinol based creams and procedures that will help stimulating collagen and elastin production.
  • 40s will bring more wrinkles as well as brow spots and other signs of sun damage. Also, the skin might lose some of its tone and texture.
  • Hormonal changes are expected at the age of 50+. It can lead to dehydrated skin. At this point cellular turnover procedures that help skin stay smooth can be a huge benefit to your skin.

Maintaining healthy and young-looking skin requires appropriate treatments and skin care. Using the adequate combination of treatments can help improve the texture and complexion of your skin. If you have any skin concerns, it’s the right time to consider a new skin care regimen.


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