Rosacea: Who it Affects and How it is Treated

It’s Rosacea Awareness month, today we will be giving you tips on how to avoid outbreaks and tips on treatments. Rosacea is an irritating skin condition that typically begins with redness in the face, and in some cases on the neck and chest. In its most mild cases the condition can be embarrassing, while some of the worst cases can be extremely painful. Though it most commonly occurs among women between the ages of 30 and 50 years old, rosacea can potentially affect anyone due to the large number of triggers that cause outbreaks. Even some notable celebrities who are often found in the public eye such as Bill Clinton, Cameron Diaz, Mariah Carey, and Cynthia Nixon have had to deal with this uncomfortable skin condition. Fortunately, there are a number of available ways to help reduce and completely treat the effects of rosacea, even if you aren’t in the habit of having to make red carpet appearances.


Avoid Triggers to Rosacea Avoid Outbreaks

If we take a lesson from some celebrities who have had to deal with rosacea in the past, the best way to prevent an outbreak is to avoid these triggers all together. Stars like Kristen Davis of “Sex and the City” never leave the house without applying sunscreen. To most effectively protect yourself, you should use sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection that is at least SPF 30. Or avoid the sun all together like Connie Britton, of “Friday Night Lights”, who skips the beach and the tanning bed and uses sunless tanner instead.

rosacea awareness month


Effective Treatment Methods

Should an outbreak occur, there are still measures you can take to prevent the spread and eventually rid yourself of redness and irritation all together. Certain makeups and concealers available now at False Creek Skin Solutions Clinic are designed for sensitive skin, and can be very effective at both covering up any redness and reducing further flare ups. Glo Mineral Makeup Concealer is the ideal makeup for skin affected by Rosacea. Fortified with antioxidants and made with a talc-free, non-comedogenic formula, this product keeps you looking your best while protecting your skin.


In more severe cases, even the best concealers may not be sufficient enough to completely treat a rosacea outbreak. While the idea of laser treatment may initially cause some hesitation, it is the single most effective method of treating rosacea. For most people, at least 3 sessions are required to completely treat the damaged blood vessels that are causing redness in the skin. It should be noted that along with their proven effectiveness, laser treatments of this type require no recovery time, so patients can get back to their daily routine almost right away. If you have more questions about laser treatments, be sure to consult us at the False Creek Skin Solutions Clinic. Book an appointment on our Contact page or simply give us a call at our office 604 877 1299.