I would really like to share with the world what I have learned from my experience about acne and acne scar treatments. I’ll be polite and say after a certain time of dealing with acne, and most of you know how long that can last, I finally realise that I should get to know my skin better. I’m saying this because before I started to observe the changes on my face and really became aware what am I buying, I wasted a lot of time and money. The worst thing is I spent my 20’s and stepped into my 30’s coping with acne. Also, what’s troubling me the most; the acne left scars and enlarged pores that, like everyone else, caused a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence.

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People tend to develop an uncommon quantity of acne breakouts, and the issue last for a considerably longer time period. You need to understand that reducing the acne or getting rid of acne scars is a process, and not an easy process. There is no magic formula, no magic acne kit which can improve your skin in just 4 weeks; they will not go by itself.

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Searching for acne or acne scar treatment a lot of people become desperate, go for one or two laser treatments and think it doesn’t work well. I started doing Laser Genesis and Hydrafacial about 8 months ago. In order to achieve healthy skin I wanted to increase the concentration of antioxidants in the skin, so I start taking GliSODin Brightening formula, which helps depigmentation, too. I needed this product because people with deeper skin tones usually develop darker marks or hyper-pigmentation. For everyday skin cleaning and maintenance I was recommended ZO skin care line.

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Maybe some of you may think this is too much and all these treatments are overwhelming, but during the years I realize the treatments must be customized for my skin type and my needs. When you are observed by knowledgeable specialist who works for you benefit and finds the adequate acne and acne scar treatments, the results must occur.

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Now, I am pleasantly surprised and I really like the results and also very happy I trusted False Creek Skin Solution Clinic professional team. My skin became smoother, pores smaller and the texture was improved. A brand-new layer of skin expanded and developed a smoother look. Not to mention the skin tightening I got from Laser Genesis treatments. That was a bonus I didn’t expect to get. These results are noticed and commented by others.

I love my new skin.

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