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Dr. Leon Cambeen, MD, GP
Leon Cambeen,           Co-Owner and Co-Founder

Leon Cambeen became a MD by completing his medical school in his home country The Netherlands. To be as broadly educated as possible, he worked in Accident & Emergency, Orthopaedic Surgery, Urology, General Surgery and Plastic Surgery before he completed his GP training in the UK in 2000. As a GP and avid traveler, Leon Cambeen decided to combine both these passions to pursue the practice of medicine in several countries including Germany, Caribbean, UK, New Zealand and Canada. He has also spent the last 3 years in the Accident & Emergency Department in the Out Back of Western Australia. He still holds his registration as GP with the Medical Board of Australia to this day.

As demonstrated in his medical career, he supports a holistic approach to his clients and life in general, giving Leon Cambeen an edge that is sought after by his colleagues and patients.

In addition to his previous 22 years of medical experience as a Physician of which 12 years as a GP, Leon Cambeen (not registered with the College of Physicians & Surgeons of BC) has also had extensive formal training in the use of today’s most sought after anti-aging treatments including the latest in Laser Treatment Technology as well as cutting edge techniques in non-surgical aesthetics using Botox and high quality Dermal Fillers.

With his warm personality and professional approach, you are sure to enjoy a comfortable visit and confidence that you will receive the results you deserve!


Mossie Ghodsi, Chem. Eng.
Mossie Ghodsi, Chem. Eng., Co-Owner and Co-Founder


Mossie Ghodsi, our Business Manager, graduated in Chemical Engineering, specialized in Nuclear Safety and worked in the Nuclear Safety Field for several years, stationed in European countries. He later went on to supervise the operation of several gold mines in Central America before starting his own business activities in the UK.
Over many years he has successfully managed a number of companies in various fields, allowing him to gain vast “hands on” experience in the world of business operations and management.